Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba

The Cigar Tour is a single and specialized activity which typically last 4 hours.  You can selection this tour package option and add it to your all-inclusive package.

4 Hours

Tourist Guide


Immerse yourself in the history and art of Cuban Cigars

From the library Rubén Martínez Villena (Biblioteca Provincial de La Habana), in “La Plaza de Armas”, you will travel to the famous Cuban Museum of Tobacco to discover an exciting exhibit of tobacco types and brands while revealing the origins and history of an art that’s appreciated by cigar enthusiasts from around the world.

Next, you’ll visit a “Casa del Habano”, where an experienced tobacco roller will showcase the production process and demonstrate how a genuine Cuban cigar is made (completely by hand).   You can also enjoy a tasting and sampling the three most famous Cuban products with worldwide popularity: coffee, rum and cigars.

Additionally, you’ll visit (in “La Triada”) one of the greatest Cuban tobacco rollers, who holds the Guinness Record for making the largest cigar in the world measuring an astounding 90 meters!

Other Details

What else is inlcuded?

  • Entrance to the Museum and “La Triada” Resraurant
  • Transportation
  • Beverage and Snacks
  • Cigars and Coffe Tasting


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