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If you wish to discover the secrets of a city almost five hundred years old, come with us in a walking tour that will leave you speechless.

From Spanish heritage and starting in 1519, amazing stories of battles, slave trading and architecture will be on the way to meet the four oldest Plazas existing in the original “Villa” named “San Cristobal de la Habana”.
Learn about the most prominent Spanish families who travelled to the new world and built an entire infrastructure that turned Cuba into a country known throughout the world.

Tour the castles that guard the bay to the legendary sugarcane plantations.  The Spanish empire took the city as center of operation mining gold, silver and many other valuable resources from these lands.

Of course the journey doesn’t end there.  Journey forward to the center of the city and absorb a rich history of culture and architecture of a Republic founded at the beginning of the century.

Walk the Central Park and observe the magnificent Capitol, the “Gran Teatro de la Habana”, and Prado street.  Commemorating moments of history, these locations reverberate with stories of young revolutionary heroes, past governments corruption and crime syndicates.

Finally, the Malecon stands as a treasure, a balcony to the sea, a special place for the special people in your life.  For many years it has been a symbol for the Cuban people and the street where every year we celebrate our “Parrandas”.

“People say that the best way to know a city is to walk it, and Havana has plenty to say through his buildings, history and the Cuban people.”

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